Degauss Labs TWELVE DRIVERS iPhone (Lightning) + Bonus 3.5mm classic

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Degauss Labs TWELVE DRIVERS for Lightning, IEM´s with Balanced armatures. 3-button microphone Replaceable Lightning Cable for iPhone™

Free Freight to the EU/ USA/ CANADA.

Note : During the launch period TWELVE DRIVER Lightning for iPhone™ we also include A. an ultra high end 3.5mm audio Cable and B. 3.5mm cable with microphone with MMCX connectors with no extra charge.

The groundbreaking Degauss Labs TWELVE DRIVERS Lightning for iPhone features a six driver earphones in each earphone side (6+6 = twelve drivers) with unique and unparalleled sound and design. Its six balanced-armature high-definition drivers delivers an extended frequency response and unimaginable clarity and lows delivering subwoofer performance and feel. The six separate high definition drivers covers a wide frequency range aimed to nail all the details and clarity you have not heard before. Moreover the cable system is detachable and to give you a long term device compatibility, upgrade possibilities and ease of maintenance. Highlights:

  • Six high definition drivers for extended clarity and subwoofer performance. Clarity, mid´s and deep low end performance – All at the same time!
  • A smart detachable cable system enables (MMCX) multiple connectivity options for long term device compatibility, upgrades, and ease of maintenance.
  • Over the ear design keeps earphones in place and creates a longwearing comfort as well as less microphonics.
  • A detachable cable that connect with the latest Apple iOS devices for high‐quality digital audio and communication control.
  • High quality MEMS based microphone offers high level of call quality as well as seamless control for phone calls, operation of volume and music playback - and voice commands
  • Designed in Stockholm, Sweden each set of TWELVE DRIVERS IEM´s for Lightning are handmade. For you.

Packaging includes:

    balanced 6-driver unit Earphones
  • Multiple Noise isolation Foam earbuds
  • Multiple silicone earbuds
  • 3-button Microphone on a 1.2m cord
  • 3-button Microphone with Lightning connector (3rd partner product)
  • Carrying pouch


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