About us

Welcome to Degauss Labs - A headphone designer and manufacturer from Scandinavia.

Company history.

Degauss Labs™ was established in 2009. The company evolved from the idea of creating a clean designed headphones for two-way communication devices. Over the years we have developed the headphones meeting the request of a clear sound, discreet, yet personal design in variety of combinationas suitable to most smartphones on the market. Today we have one of the most comprehensive earphone-for-smartphone product lines in the world, and supply headphones for every need. Our reputation for quality products and innovative ideas is well known.

Degauss Labs is a family owned business. Our head office and design team is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Design counts!
Our products are made to show their high quality, durability, feeling and appearance. Every detail from aluminum casing to popping colours is carefully handled and presented to you in a specialized compact packaging.

Our mission is simple: To make everything you ever wanted possible with our products.

Our product holds all the functionality that is requested by a professional and is designed to perform in every aspect of your life. Instead of simply delivering a product, this item and the possibilities it gives are taking you further.

Company keywords include such points as excellent engineering, ease of use, smart design, flexibility and never use anything, but the best quality components that are offered to make that happen.

Degauss Labs - Treble.Bass.You

Contact: support@degausslabs.com