Degauss Labs TWELVE DRIVERS iPhone (Lightning)

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Degauss Labs TWELVE DRIVERS for Lightning, IEM´s with Balanced armatures. 3-button microphone Replaceable Lightning Cable for iPhone™

Free Freight to the EU/ USA/ CANADA.

Note : During the launch period TWELVE DRIVER Lightning for iPhone™ we also include an ultra high end 3.5mm audio Cable with MMCX connectors with no extra charge.

The groundbreaking Degauss Labs TWELVE DRIVERS Lightning for iPhone features a six driver earphones in each earphone side (6+6 = twelve drivers) with unique and unparalleled sound and design. Its six balanced-armature high-definition drivers delivers an extended frequency response and unimaginable clarity and lows delivering subwoofer performance and feel. The six separate high definition drivers covers a wide frequency range aimed to nail all the details and clarity you have not heard before. Moreover the cable system is detachable and to give you a long term device compatibility, upgrade possibilities and ease of maintenance. Highlights:

  • Six high definition drivers for extended clarity and subwoofer performance. Clarity, mid´s and deep low end performance – All at the same time!
  • A smart detachable cable system enables (MMCX) multiple connectivity options for long term device compatibility, upgrades, and ease of maintenance.
  • Over the ear design keeps earphones in place and creates a longwearing comfort as well as less microphonics.
  • A detachable cable that connect with the latest Apple iOS devices for high‐quality digital audio and communication control.
  • High quality MEMS based microphone offers high level of call quality as well as seamless control for phone calls, operation of volume and music playback - and voice commands
  • Designed in Stockholm, Sweden each set of TWELVE DRIVERS IEM´s for Lightning are handmade. For you.

Packaging includes:

    balanced 6-driver unit Earphones
  • Multiple Noise isolation Foam earbuds
  • Multiple silicone earbuds
  • 3-button Microphone on a 1.2m cord
  • 3-button Microphone with Lightning connector (3rd partner product)
  • Carrying pouch


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